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Educational Background

Ph.D. Ohio University, 1970 Physics
M.S. Union College, 1965 Physics and Mathematics
B.S. Ohio University, 1962 Physics
Medical Technology, U.S. Army, 1956
(Registered Medical Technologist, AMT, 1961)

Professional and Learned Societies

Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Kappa Phi
Sigma Pi Sigma
Sigma Xi
American Association of Physics Teachers
National Science Teachers Association
Ohio Academy of Sciences, elected to fellowship, 1973
South Carolina Academy of Sciences
American Association of University Professors
American Medical Technologists

Textbooks (authored and coauthored)
(Multiple publishing companies
indicates buy-outs or transfers.)


* An Introduction to Physical Science,
D.C. Heath, Houghton Mifflin,
Cengage Learning (14 editions,
1971-2015. The first copy of
the textbook was published locally
at Ohio University in 1969-1970.
D.C. Heath published the first
national edition in 1971.)

* College Physics,
Allyn & Bacon, Prentice Hall,
Pearson Addison Wesley
(8 editions, 1990 - 2014.)

* Physics Laboratory Experiments,
D.C. Heath, Houghton Mifflin,
Cengage Learning (8 editions,
1982 - 2015).


* Fundamentals of Physical Science,
D.C. Heath (2 editions, 1992 - 1996.)

* Practical Conceptual Physics,
Saunders College Publishing
(3 editions, 1986 - 1993.)

* Technical College Physics,
Saunders College Publishing
(3 editions, 1982 - 1992.)

* Physics: Concepts and Applications,
D.C. Heath (2 editions, 1977 - 1981.)

* An Environmental Approach to Physical Science,
D.C. Heath (1 edition, 1974.)

* Physical Science: Readings on the Environment,
D.C. Heath (1 edition, 1974.)

Some texts have been translated into
Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

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